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Hi, I am Zac, I am from Cornwall, I am 22 and I am a Designer Maker.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved making. I would spend many hours after school playing with lego or making interesting things with cardboard boxes. 

Growing up, I found education hard. I went undiagnosed with dyslexia till I was in year 11. By that point, I had discovered Product design as my calling which I took as one of my A levels alongside Physics and Maths. Needless to say, I failed everything apart from Product Design. I was all set to go to uni to study Product Design, till I decided that after all the years of being forced down the river of mainstream education, I decided to do something that I wanted to do for once. This is when I enroled at Cornwall College to do Furniture Making. 


At  college, I learnt everything that I know about traditional woodworking. Everything from basic joinery to following designs and making complete pieces of furniture. Finally, I was in my element.  Click to see what I got up to

I then applied for the University of Plymouth to study 3D design, a course recomended to me by my college tutor. 


Plymouth Univeristy

At uni I was allowed to use all of the facilities that the university have to offer. Over the three years, I think I tried everything I could. I learnt a lot about digital manufacturing methods and found them to be a really useful tool when making my furniture. 

Click to see what I am up to now